Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor,


The thing I love most about the Lane Tech community is its diversity. This diversity is celebrated here throughout the school year in the variety of clubs, International Days, literature read, and classes offered. In our classroom communities most teachers are diligent about being inclusive of the many backgrounds represented. We select texts and conduct discussisons with the intent of recognizing the value that all of our students contribute. However, there is one time of year when diversity is ignored leaving some members of the Lane Tech community feeling marginalized and disrespected: the Christmas Musical Assembly.

Dr. LoBosco opened the 2011 assembly by saying that it is a time for us to appreciate each other as a community. She also stated that the Christmas Assembly is the only event that is attended by all Lane Tech students. So, why aren’t all Lane Tech students represented in this assembly?

I appreciate how much effort, coordination, and preparation go into this production. It has drama, comedy, and many musical offerings. The students and faculty talent is fantastic. I especially love watching Joshua James conduct the Gospel choir. I am troubled, however, by the fact that only Christmas is represented in this production. The Lane Tech community includes people from so many religious backgrounds. Until recent years there was usually one Jewish song performed in the assembly. That one song did not make me feel represented; it was a token gesture, and the song was sometimes not even a Chanukah song. Not only did it feel inappropriate (offensive even), but it also called attention to the fact that so many other relgions were being ignored: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Paganism among others.

If we have only one school-wide event each year, shouldn’t it represent our entire school community? Why not create a production that equally celebrates all of the religions and their winter festivals?

May the new year bring us a true appreciation of our unique, wonderful community.


Courtney Feuer

Lane Tech English Dept.

Dec. 22, 2011



To the editor of the Lane Warrior,


Being a junior, I, like all other juniors, am required to take physics, a class which comes easily to few. I don’t expect the challenge to be taken out of the class, but it upsets me that it seems too much to ask to get help with something that I and many others struggle.

Quite often, I have gone to tutoring only to find no one there. How am I expected to improve my grade and do better when there is no one there to help? If no tutoring is available, why not offer extra credit as an alternative? Work is still done and I still receive help by repeatedly addressing what may confuse me. If I put in the time and effort, I don’t believe it is too much to ask to receive some help. Isn’t that what the teachers are there for?



Upset & Confused