Freshmen elect student council

By Alex Burstein and Aidan Sadovi

Lane Tech’s student council has the responsibilities many student governments have — school dances, spirit weeks and the occasional fundraiser. But Anya Tvrtkovic, the Class of 2025 Vice-President elect, is hoping to help grow these powers.

“One of my friends was running and she convinced me that we could actually do something with it because a lot of people were talking about how it was just for planning stuff,” said Tvrtkovic, who was just elected vice president of the Class of 2025. “But we thought we could actually have a campaign that would let us do something on student council.” 

Tvrtkovic is one of seven freshmen who won election to the Lane student council in last week’s election. She’ll be serving with president Raegen Berryhill, Secretary Sadie La Prairie and Senators Sarah Means, Anshi Dosee and Bridget Chimiel. Arielle Tran will serve as Student Council Executive Board Vice President, representing the Class of 2025.

Increasing awareness for women’s sports at Lane and creating a more environmentally friendly school are two of the things Tvrtkovic is hoping to work on during her term.

Tvrtkovic will be working alongside Berryhill, the new president. 

Berryhill, for her part, said she has a desire to unite her grade and make sure everyone feels “like they have a place.” 

“I know there’s problems all around for my grade, really, and different concerns for different groups of people. I know I can’t please everyone,” she continued, “but that’s really what I want to do.”

Berryhill, like many of the other incoming representatives from the freshman class, said she didn’t expect to be in this position.

I think [winning] was a surprise to me really,” Berryhill said. “I mean, I didn’t expect it, definitely, but I knew I worked for it, I worked hard for it, to get the win.”

After preparing for what she thought was going to be a crowded field of candidates by spreading her campaign over social media, incoming executive board vice president Arielle Tran said she was surprised to find out her competition was nonexistent. 

“No one ran in my position, but I thought there would be people running,” Tran said. 

Tran pointed to further increasing awareness about mental health, and improving bathroom facilities, as two of her goals. 

As a message to the freshman class, Berryhill thanked her classmates for using their voice and voting. 

“I just want to say thank you because I feel like it really helps and shows you want your opinion to be heard,” she said.