LSC commends talented students and staff, discusses updates to Lane’s CIWP goals and prepares for upcoming April elections


The Lane LSC during their Feb. 17, 2022, meeting. (Screenshot from Lane Tech YouTube channel)

By Aidan Sadovi, Managing Editor

In a shorter than usual LSC meeting Feb. 17, Principal Edwina Thompson provided new information on a year-long extension to Lane’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP) plan. Also divulged was an unprecedented year for the Friends of Lane (FOL) program as 700 families contributed and information regarding upcoming LSC elections to be held on April 21.  


Alex Burstein, one of two editors-in-chief of The Champion, received a resolution at the beginning of the meeting for his role as “the voice of Lane sports.”  

Alex, who commentates, analyzes and reports on Lane sports, was recently chosen as part of the Maccabi media program, which searches across the country for talented aspiring Jewish sports media professionals and journalists. 

As Chairperson Emily Haite pointed out, Alex has covered many LSC meetings throughout his time with The Champion. 

Next up was Lane sophomore Avi Kaplan, a student who has excelled as one of the top youth chess players in the nation. Kaplan recently won second place nationally for ninth graders at the US Chess Federation’s national championship in Orlando, Fla. 

Lane students Olivia and Hayden Park were also selected for All-State in orchestra by the Illinois Music Education Association. 

Olivia plays the cello, while Hayden plays the double bass. Both are in Lane’s orchestra. 

The final resolution of the night was one that commended Lane’s counselors. 

“The dedication of Lane Tech’s counselors make a tremendous impact on helping our students achieve academic success, plan for their careers and selecting colleges and universities based on their preferences and interests,” Parent Representative Benjamin Wong said. 

The measure was part of “National Counseling Week,” held from Feb. 7-11. 

Public Participation 

There was no public participation. 

Principal Report

Lane principal Edwina Thompson started her report by going over, per a request, progress on Lane’s (CIWP) goals.  

Thompson said that Lane received an update that the current CIWP cycle, which is two years, will be extended another year to 2023. 

“We are asked to revisit where we are and make updates or add additional strategies that we implemented in order to ensure that we are monitoring the priorities that are set,” Thompson said. 

The three focus areas Lane has as a school, according to Thompson, are “instruction, balanced assessment and grading, and building relational trust.” 

The majority of these areas, she said, were focused mainly on teacher to teacher collaboration. 

During the evaluation stage of the CIWP, Thompson said a member of the LSC will be included in the process. She said she imagines this section would start sometime in March. 

The CIWP is also intertwined with Lane’s budget.  

“Everything we’re supposed to spend money on is related to the priorities we set up in our CIWP,” Thompson said. 

Most of Lane’s budget goes to Lane’s staff, while things like tutoring and sports programs mostly get funded through “external funds” or donations from such organizations like the Friends of Lane or the Alumni Association. 

After staffing, Thompson said Lane’s budget was left with $62,000 last year, which went to “building operations.” 

Thompson also said money from the CPS “Moving Forward Together” fund helped finance extended tutoring, a move that was one of the goals in the CIWP plan. 

“The traditional Student-Based Budget, that all goes to staffing—and that is what is tied to the CIWP,” Thompson said. 

As Thompson said in the last meeting, the CPS budgeting process is set to begin in March. 

Principal Thompson highlighted new “skills sessions” at Lane that were created to help students with executive functioning and organizational skills. 

Thompson said the sessions were “a hit, to the point where students who didn’t sign up — they showed up.”

Thompson said the popularity of these sessions also encouraged the school to consider “summer enrichment courses” and that Lane wants to increase the “caps we are offering and give teachers the opportunity to host a week-long or three-day long session for students.”   

Thompson also cited Lane’s wrestling, cheerleading and sophomore girls basketball team, as they qualified for state (in the case of wrestling) and city (in the case of cheerleading and basketball) competition. 

Next, Principal Thompson spoke of the work that the Black Student Association (BSA) has been doing during Black History Month and the events and celebrations they have been holding to celebrate Black Americans and their accomplishments. 

“I’m very, very proud of the work they [BSA] have been doing throughout the building,” she said. 

Thompson said that the BSA has also inspired other groups to reach out and try to hold their own events. 


Teacher Representative Mario Nunez said the PPLC (Professional Personnel Leadership Committee) was still looking into block scheduling.

When Chairperson Haite asked, fellow PPLC member and Teacher Representative Rebecca Daly said there is not a consensus among teachers on which calendar the next school year should be based on.

CPS has recently given two options for the start date of the 2022-23 academic year to parents and invited them to fill out a survey with their choice, but the survey has recently closed.


Friends of Lane (FOL) member and spirit store Co-Chair Lisa Borelli said that the FOL’s Annual Appeal had a “record year — not only in terms of dollars donated but families who contributed.” 

Borelli said over 700 families contributed, up from the usual 400 in past years. 

The money is helping with renovations around the school, including painting gym bleachers, getting new drivers education simulators and getting a new soundboard for the auditorium.  

Student report

LSC Student Representative Sean Groh said he’s received positive feedback from students in regards to the three microwaves that have been installed in the lunchroom with the LSC’s approval.

Fellow Student Representative Dalya Lessem Elnecave also spoke of the Lane Tech Drama Department and its production of “Working,” and its discounts offered to students.

Groh also said that the Student Council Executive Board’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser was a success, as all 500 stuffed animal dogs purchased were sold to students who wanted to take part in the festivities. Groh said the board raised a total of $1,461 in the process. 

Lessem Elnecave said a survey for student concerns in regards to the LSC would be sent out in late February, though as of March 7, no survey has been sent. 

Alumni Association

No one from the LTAA was present. 

Check approvals

  • $11,150 to Agile Sports Technologies (HUDL) which is used by Lane Athletics. First has to be given SOPPA approval, however. 
  • $17,180 to United Radio Communications for radios. 
  • $10,395 for Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service used by teachers. 
  • $13,672.80 Fall 2021 exams PSAT 8-9.
  • $13,899.60 Fall 2021 exams PSAT 10-11.
  • $48,246 to Apple to replace Macbook Pros in Room 134. 
  • $35,536 for new music hardware in Apple devices. 

All purchases were unanimously approved. 


  • BSA: Black History Month celebration on Feb. 25. 
  • Junior student council: SAT “Good Luck grams” sold from March 14 to March 16.
  • Lane Buddies Club: Selling tickets from Feb. 21 through March 25 for a Lane Buddies talent show. 

                       All fundraisers were unanimously approved

New Business

Principal Thompson announced that one of Lane’s current deans was promoted to become Director of Culture and Climate at a different school. This dean was replaced by another staff member in the building. 

As mentioned at the last meeting, one of Lane’s librarian assistants is moving out of the country. Thompson said this position has not been scrapped altogether because of the impending budget and the fear that the school will have to open “another student advocate position” just to cut it.  

An LSC candidate forum for the upcoming elections will be held on March 24 prior to the March meeting, and April 21 will be the date for certifying the election results. Elections will take place on April 21. If the results are not received by then, a special meeting will be held on April 28 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 113.