I-Days 2022 Photo Gallery


Mara Mellits

Filipino Club performing on Friday in Gym I

By Mara Mellits, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, sometime in March, Lane students come together for one of the most unique Lane traditions: International-Days (I-Days). After not having a full I-Days since 2019 (the second day and two nights of it got cancelled due to the stay-at-home order in 2020 and it was held virtually last year), the international dance convention was back in full swing.

Students participate by representing countries from all over the world, practicing the majority of the school year to learn and coordinate dances with their peers. The student dancers then perform for the entire Lane community over the course of three days. This year, students performed in Gym I and the auditorium due to social distancing measures. Usually, dancers perform in Gym I and teachers bring their classes to the auditorium to watch. However this year, the dancers performed in the auditorium for students’ classes and in Gym I for other I-Days clubs.

Andrea Aguilar, sophomore, and David Corral perform with the Cuban Club on Friday night. (Ruby Thompson)

This year, the student dancers performed for both the entire school day on Thursday, Mar. 10 and Friday, March. 11. They then performed on Friday night and twice on Saturday, March 12.

Most notably, in the gym’s performance on Friday, clubs incorporated pieces of other club’s cultural clothing when they performed. For example, members of BSA (Black Student Association which represents Trinidad and Tobago) wore India Club’s vests and pants when they performed.