Girls Soccer shuts out Lincoln Park 5-0


Ruby Thompson

Lane’s Scout Murray (22) struggles to control the ball against the Lion defender.

By Ruby Thompson, Reporter

After two tough losses and a draw over spring break, Lane’s Girls Varsity Soccer team took the field on Monday with every intention of getting their winning streak back. By securing a solid 5-0 win in their conference match against the Lincoln Park Lions, they did just that.

The game got off to a hot start as Lane quickly gained control of possession, midfielder Dale Sink scoring her first goal of the season within the first five minutes of the game. Lane’s offense stayed persistent and unrelenting, working through the Lions’ defense and creating numerous opportunities to score right from the beginning.

After Sink’s goal, midfielder Maya Martinez-Bates scored Lane’s second goal of the game just four minutes later, tipping the ball over a defender after a throw-in from midfielder Gabriela Pop. 

“We were hungry the whole time,” Martinez-Bates said postgame. “We were going for goals — everyone got their shots off each other.” 

As the first half continued on, midfielder Gabriella Mann scored another goal for Lane around the 30-minute mark, but it was disallowed because she was offside.

Though there were 15 unsuccessful shots on goal, Lane built up a strong lead right from the beginning. The midfielders and forwards successfully kept the ball on Lincoln Park’s side for most of the first half and were supported by the defensive line whenever a Lincoln Park Lion broke through.

With another goal from Martinez-Bates near the end of the first half, Lane was up 3-0 by halftime. Now with the upper hand, Lane settled down at the beginning of the second half.

“Once we built momentum and the score was getting higher, you calm down a little,” midfielder Scout Murray said postgame. “We start playing more creatively and playing more like ourselves.” 

The second quarter started off with possession jumping from team to team for about the first 20 minutes, but gradually Lane built up greater control over the ball again and opened up more opportunities to score — midfielder Jocelyn Ramirez scored the first goal of the second half 22 minutes in, followed by another goal from midfielder Kristiyana Sevova ten minutes later. 

The game ended with a Lane shutout, though despite the gap in score, Lincoln Park stayed persistent until the end. They pushed back with determination against Lane’s attacks and managed multiple shots on goal.

However, the outcome of the game ultimately came down to who was more skilled. Both sides had tenacity, but Lane’s adept midfielders and overall efficiency as a team kept the Lions from stepping ahead.

“We did a good job finishing those chances,” Murray said. 

Lane’s domination over Lincoln Park came after a close loss to New Trier in the Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Classic tournament last Wednesday, April 13.

“We had a difficult tournament over spring break,” Martinez-Bates said. “I think those tough games pushed us to want the win.” 

After the game, Lane’s Head Coach Michelle Vale remarked that something the team could always work on was possession.

“We have moments when we control the ball and we have the ball moving from one of our players to another one of our players,” she said. “But there are also moments when we lose sight of that because we’re feeling urgent in our need to get rid of the ball, so we might kick the ball forward as opposed to possessing and keeping.”

With only two more conference games to go, Lane’s next home game will be against Walter Payton on Monday, April 25, and it will be the last of the regular season until the city playoffs begin.

“We really wanted to make sure that we represented our school and that we played hard and brought home a win today,” Vale said.