LSC announces extra funds to be received from telephone provider tower during brief October meeting


Image of Lane’s roof from virtual open house courtesy of Lane Tech.

By Megan Mesikapp, Editor-In-Chief

Walking up to Lane one may not notice the telecommunications towers on its roof. However, the tower, which sits year-round atop Lane, provides extra funding for Lane. 

Lane currently hosts one of Verizon’s towers, but it will soon be getting an additional tower from T-Mobile and earning over double from that company in comparison to what Verizon pays, Lane Principal Edwina Thompson announced at the October LSC meeting on Oct. 13.

The meeting, Lane’s second of the school year, was exceptionally short, clocking in at just 31 minutes. It covered new electronic mandates for the PSAT that will take place next year and funds Lane will receive from an increase in student population. 


Principal Report


Thompson began her report congratulating the theater department on their first production of the year, “Puffs.”

“The students worked very hard, and have been working on this for a while. We are excited that they actually get to showcase their talent in our building,” Thompson said. “We have a lot of individuals in our building work to make that play happen. Molly Meacham is the director, she runs the fall play and we are grateful for all of her work.”

Thompson then explained that the PSAT was administered to eighth grade Academic Center students this year alongside freshmen, sophomores and juniors. While the high schoolers took the standardized test on paper, eighth graders took it digitally. 

“Starting next year in the fall the PSAT will be given digitally to everyone, and so [eighth graders] were our test group with it.

Thompson also acknowledged that 12 juniors from last school year qualified as National Merit finalists. 

Thompson congratulated the Lane Boys Softball Team on winning the city championship. She also explained the ongoing goal of the Girls Softball Booster Club to revitalize the playing fields at Horner Park.

“They are asking for support around that, because when those areas flood, they can’t play, their games are postponed,” Thompson said.  

Thompson also announced increased funding for the school. After a recount of students attending this year on the 20th day of school, the population increased from 4,430 students to 4,486. Lane will be given an additional $359,540.26 in funding as a result of this increase.  


Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC)


The PPLC held their election for new members, and over seven people ran. The new members were not announced, but they have a complete board now. The PPLC will now meet every Tuesday before the monthly LSC meeting moving forward to discuss their goals for upcoming LSC agendas. 


Student Report


Student Representative Sean Groh reminded attendees that Lane’s open house will be held Saturday, Oct. 29. 


New Business


Verizon currently has one of their towers sitting atop the roof of Lane; they paid $10,000 to have the tower on Lane property. T-Mobile proposed to have their tower sit on top of Lane as well, but for much more money. 

“In July of 2021 we signed a letter saying it was ok for T-Mobile and other telecommunication services to actually have their towers on our property. We will get a total of $22,500 from T-Mobile at some point this school year when the Board finalizes their approval for being on the property,” Thompson said. 


The next LSC Meeting will take place Nov. 10.