Pink’s purpose at Lane


Megan Mesikapp

A display within Lane for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Megan Mesikapp, Editor-In-Chief

Across the nation, communities organize runs, walks and other events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

At Lane, since Oct. 1, anyone walking the hallways will see pink ribbons pinned to backpacks and small pink ribbons displayed on the television screens.

Now, one club at Lane is hoping to raise even more awareness throughout the halls of Lane year-round.

Nicole Mydlak and Zosia Wilczek, founders of Think Pink club, were inspired by a similar club their freshman year. 

“There was a breast cancer awareness club my freshman year, and [the club] had a run and other activities, but then it ended early just because of COVID-19,” Wilczek said.

Now, as seniors, both have decided to revive the club, with hopes of raising awareness in the Lane community. 

“Sometimes I feel like it is just a touchy subject. I feel like if more people support it, then other people will, in turn,” Wilczek said, “Maybe people at home have a mom or grandma with breast cancer so they would feel more supported in the community at Lane.” 

Think Pink club is low commitment, according to Mydlak and Wilczek, but they will hold various events and activities throughout the year. Both members of the club and other Lane students are encouraged to get involved. 

“Currently we’re passing out little ribbons, and everyone’s wearing them on their backpacks to show support. We’re also wearing pink every Wednesday,” Mydlak said. 

Later in the year, the club will open up the idea of fundraising for foundations that raise awareness. 

“Throughout the year, we plan on doing bake sales and other events to raise money along with awareness. I feel like people always feel better when helping the community,” Wilczek said. 

On Oct. 26, Lane’s Think Pink Club partnered with Lane’s student council to have a school-wide “pink out.” All students were welcome to participate. Those who wore pink to school then met in the auditorium after school for pictures. 

Wilczek hopes this will be the first of many events this year raising  awareness at Lane.

“From being involved with the club and activities, I hope students understand the  importance of raising awareness for breast cancer,” Wilczek said.