Spectacular results from student performance data

The possibility of block schedule — plus CIWP plan broken down


Oliver Gerharz

Principal Edwina Thompson and other representatives at the LSC meeting on Dec. 8. 2022.

By Megan Mesikapp, Editor-In-Chief

Lane’s performance data, a part of addressing the state of the school, was released at the December LSC meeting on Dec. 8. The performance data was measured by a rate of index which shows the movement of data based upon a set standard. There was an increased rate of index for SAT scores the past year by 1.9, though there was a slight drop in the rate of index for PSAT scores by 2.5.

“When we’re considering growth over time those PSAT scores, that includes freshmen and sophomores who are really going without standardized assessment practices for almost two years,” Lane Principal Edwina Thompson said. “We actually felt pretty good about this data, because it actually shows us that we haven’t taken much of a dip.”

The biggest increase in performance data was seen in the diverse learner population. The current seniors who had taken the SAT caused the rate of index to jump up by 15.0 for that group. 

“We aim to be inclusive, and I believe access to those rigorous courses — and the more access given, the earlier the access — I believe the better they perform,” Thompson said. 

The released passing percentage of scores, of a three or higher, from the AP exams last year also caused celebration at the meeting. This was the highest passing rate in Lane’s history at 81.36%.

Here’s what else that happened at the meeting.


New Business

There was a mention of one purchase order for managing and print services. This would be an allocated budget of $162,338.21 that is non negotiable. If they were to go over the budget line the school would be invoiced said amount. 

The other purchase order was valued at $13,796.50, and this one was approved. It is from Adoni for a brand new security X-ray machine that would be used for students and people coming through the building. The district has paid for security weapon detection systems so far, but the school wants to start moving faster with changes to the security system, according to Thompson.

There were five fundraisers discussed. The computer science booster club will be having the maker’s lab bazaar, where students will make and sell items. The art departments students in Digital Imaging will similarly be making and then selling projects. Two separate fundraisers were discussed for the boys swim booster. Both would be giving back nights, but one would be at Chipotle and the other at Lou Malnati’s. Lastly International Days tickets will be sold for the performances on March 3 and 4, 2023.


Principal’s Report

Thompson had a presentation which showed the state of the school and updates to the CIWP(Continuous Improvement Work Plan). Normally the plans only last two years, but there was an extension of a third year due to COVID-19. A new CIWP plan will be put in place the coming year in spring 2023. 

Updates to the CIWP plan in regards to staff and students were also given. The three current priorities are student accountability and building safety, Champions Hour and success of all learners. It was also made known at the meeting that the professional learning track teachers picked for the first semester will be changed for the second semester. Teachers had the options of social and emotional learning, instructional best practices, culturally responsive teaching or standards based grading. Out of these options teachers ranked them and were assigned a track. Next semester teaching new professional learning track will be based upon the previous ranking system. 

Heather Saylor, a member of the counseling department, has been developing plans for a wellness center, according to Thompson. At the wellness center, students would be able to utilize the space to implement techniques or do activities to help calm themselves down. It is designed to allow students to have a space to go to first before going directly to a counselor. 


PPLC Report

The PPLC has been researching block scheduling for students, according to Teacher Representatives Rebbecca Daly and Mario Nunez. The committee has sent out surveys to staff and students. From students they got over 3,000 responses, and 70% of staff say they would “like to hear more” about block scheduling. 

“The PPLC has been researching the block schedule, but is not in any way committed to in any way selecting a block schedule for next year,” Daly said. “There has been no vote and the PPLC does not have the authority to select a block schedule.”

The PPLC has also found little evidence that block scheduling significantly improves academic performance, but will discuss more findings and survey results at the next LSC meeting. 


Friends of Lane

Friends of Lane thanked all volunteers who helped with the holiday luncheon for staff. They also have new merchandise coming into the school store that includes the new symbol. They hope to have it in stock before the holidays. 



Yumou Lu and Sean Groh congratulated the top ten finalists in the science fair, and announced seasonal events for students. The junior class had a candy cane sale, there will be a winter coat drive for all students, and the cluster program is having a holiday pop up shop. 

Finals will start for students Friday, Dec. 16. 


The next LSC meeting will be Jan. 12, 2023.