‘Mindfulness and Movement’ showcased in Black History Month workshop

By Sophia Michel

To celebrate this year’s Black History Month, the Lane Tech Black Student Association (BSA) has put on various events to highlight Black History, including a mindfulness and movement workshop hosted on Feb. 28.

The workshop was led by guest speaker Jarietta Benton, who emphasized the importance of being mindful.

“Mindfulness is a state of being present and aware of what you’re doing, where you are, and how you’re feeling without distractions, and just being aware of what’s going on internally, so that you can navigate spaces with clarity,” Benton said.

During the workshop, Benton led a discussion about Black History Month and how mindfulness has helped her and how it can help others.

“I’m going to be speaking about mindfulness and movement and how I’ve utilized that as an anchor to get to the space that I’m in today, and how everyone can use these practices to navigate adversity,” Benton said. “Everyone probably has seen or has been in a space where they felt irritated or agitated, where they felt that you know, some sort of conflict is bringing them outside of themselves. And mindfulness brings you back into yourself. And so you’re able to navigate this world with clarity and with resolve.”

With mindfulness comes movement, so Benton also led a series of stretches to release tension.

The president of the BSA, Kameron Robinson said, “This workshop is the last day of the month. We want to just bring peace of mind to everyone just to, you know, calm down and just be able to relax as we move.”