Lane establishes demerits policy to systemize punishment procedures

By Leah Wojtach


Belinda Reyes, Div. 469, along with two other friends, frantically rushed to Door A to avoid being tardy. However, they were too late and walked in right as first period began. Along with their tardy slips, they were automatically issued a demerit on their record.

The administration has now added a new punishment system, the demerit system, to this school year’s new rules. The demerit system is for tardies to first period and dress code offenses.

According to Dr. Dignam, the demerit system was created for the administration to monitor the actions of habitually tardy students and students who continually violate the dress code. It was also formed for students to “self monitor” their actions.

A student can only be disciplined with a demerit for these two offenses. Teachers do not have the authority to give demerits for other things.

Naomi Oster, Div. 473, was eating in the College and Career Center when she was issued her first demerit. It is against the rules to eat in the College and Career Center, however this is not cause for a demerit.

Oster was upset with being given this demerit because it is never clearly stated that eating in the College and Career Center is a reason to receive one. After talking with Ms. Hanly, she was able to erase it from her record.

The rules for the demerit system are in student’s planners and on the Lane website. The rules that are violated in the outlined system are the only cause for a demerit.

The dress code requirements were changed this year also. It came in handy for students on days the weather was extremely hot. The dress code rules eased up on length of shorts and straps of shirts. Shorts and skirts must be at least mid thigh length and spaghetti strap shirts are now allowed. However, if a student’s attire does not adhere to these new requirements then a student will be sent to the discipline office and receive a demerit.

Any students tardy to school or first period is issued a demerit automatically when they receive a tardy pass.

The consequences vary based on the number of demerits a student accumulates. Five demerits equal a student’s off campus lunch revoked for the day and freshmen have to serve a Saturday detention. Students with 10 demerits are  unable to attend any school dances or Turkey Bowl and seniors cannot attend Oktoberfest. Fifteen demerits equals the loss of participation or attendance at International Days and Nights. Seniors with 20 demerits may not attend prom or senior luncheon and underclassmen cannot be dates to prom. Students with 25 demerits carry five demerits over to their next school year and seniors are not allowed to walk at graduation.

The new demerit system could potentially leave many students without all the privileges  Lane has to offer.