Behind the scenes with ‘The Good Doctor’


Michelle Cheung

Fernando Borges and Greg Mendez-Weeks looking into a mirror.

By Alina Panek

This year’s fall play is a comedy from Neil Simon titled “The Good Doctor,” a play comprised of mini stories that the writer, who is also the narrator, tells but the real excitement occurs backstage.

It is a chaotic scene after the descent from the stairs to beneath the stage. Actors are running back and forth, running in and out of the doors of their dressing rooms like a Loony Tunes sequence. Bustling skirts brush the walls of the hallway and the gentlemen are all in suits, making contemporary clothes feel out of place. It’s showtime.

Mrs. Meacham is the director of the “The Good Doctor,” with Mr. Davy’s assistance.

“This one [‘The Good Doctor’] is a theater standard,” said Mrs. Meacham. “Pretty much anyone who has gone out in the professional world has seen or done ‘The Good Doctor’ at one point in their young acting career, either in high school or college.”

When the fall play held auditions last year, about 60 people auditioned and about 18 actors were selected to play roles. The Good Doctor has multiple casts, with each actor having at least two roles in the play.

“One of the great joys is seeing how different kids interact in the same roles on different nights,” Mrs. Meacham said.  “You can get a completely different show even though it’s the same students performing every show — and this way we have as many students as possible involved in the show.”

The students rehearsed the play throughout the summer with Mrs. Meacham. In the fall, Mr. Davy worked with Stage Krew to make the sets, and students came in to help paint.

“One of my favorite things that Davy came up with is the dock for the drowned man,” Mrs. Meacham said. “He built a dock and he used fabric for the water; being able to suggest it rather than it being a realistic betrayal fits the style of the play beautifully.”

Auditions for ‘The Good Doctor’ began in late May, and the play runs Oct. 28-Nov. 1.

“My favorite process of the play are the auditions because I like the rush,” Kamil Lungu, Div. 665, said.

Lungu plays Sexton Potchatkin, a priest who has a very bad toothache and goes to see the dentist.

Logan Williams, Div. 678, plays the writer and Peter Semyonych, a man who seduces wives.

“I like the beginning, meeting all the people and getting to know each other,” Williams said. “I like the end because at the end you know everyone and you get to see everything come together.”

Erin Ryan, Div. 667, plays the dentist and the prostitute.

“My favorite process of the play is the end,” Ryan said. “The play is very fun. It’s sad but fun. The best part is how close people get since there is a lot smaller of a cast in the fall play.”

Greg Mendez-Weeks, Div. 587, plays the writer, Peter Semyonych, and the voice.

“Everyone cries at the end,” Mendez-Weeks said. “Not me — usually — but this year I think I will because it’s my last year. They’re my second family and I’ve been in Drama [for] four years now. This year has been the best year because I’ve grown a lot [though] some might disagree. I’ve been very honored [to be in Drama].”

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