Roman Treuthart

The AP Art students pieces, that range from paintings to sculptures, are on display in room 147.

Gallery 2501 holds second annual AP Art Gallery

May 20, 2017

The second annual AP Art Gallery took place this Monday, May 15, in room 147. It was open to all students, staff, and visitors after school.

The gallery featured work from students in all AP art classes: photography, graphic design, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. Students worked on these throughout the year, and many works were submitted to their breadth and concentration portfolios.

For the AP Photography class, taught by Mr. Wilcox, each student had two photos from their concentration portfolio, a yearlong investigation into a certain photographic theme, unique to each student.

Max Mitchell, Div. 752, chose portraits as his central theme for the art show. When discussing the entirety of his yearlong concentration, Mitchell described his art as a type of learning process.

“My concentration started off with just random portraits and they’re kind of simple and like all center heavy,” Mitchell said. “Then I started to experiment more and use colored flashes and different framing styles, so I made it more diverse.”

Mitchell said that seeing his work up on a wall was an amazing experience for him, acknowledging that it is a vastly different feeling that having your work on a computer screen.

Whether it be the picture profiles, hands protruding from printers or a paper tree shooting from the inner pages of a book, the AP Art Gallery was filled top to bottom with art representative of Lane’s art program and the work art students have put out throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

The next Art Gallery opening will take place May 30, from 3:15-4:30 in room 147.


Roman Treuthart
A portrait of Jorge Sanchez, Div. 764, capture by Max Mitchell, Div. 752.
– Max Mitchell (Exhibit Label) – 
“My concentration explores human portraiture, specifically how taking the pictures with different angles or lighting can control the emotion of the photograph. I choose this concentration because portrait photography has always been interested me [sic] and I noticed how the mood of the pictures can change just from the colors of a sunset. These pictures were my way of exploring and understanding how the various factors affected the mood; whether it was the angle, setting, lighting, or even the subject.”
Roman Treuthart
– Camille Rodriguez: (Exhibit Label) – 
“My concentration focuses on the explorations of the human body through art. The body, and therefore life, can be conveyed through different mediums to entice certain feelings about ourselves and our inner workings. By viewing different representations of ourselves and our bodies, we are encouraged to think deeper about how our physical working connect[sic] to the world around us. My concentration tries to channel our conversational thoughts of our bodies and selves to encompass a more open view.”
Roman Treuthart
Visitors of the gallery are allowed to take a small photo from one of the many taken by AP Photo students.
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