LTAC student’s mother does not approve of son’s plans to become superhero of Lane

By Maggie Nielsen, Assistant Editor

LTAC student Nathan Neel, Div. 320, is in the midst of training to be the official vigilante character of the Lane Tech community. After binge watching all two seasons of Daredevil on Netflix, Neel claims he is “Really inspired — if a blind dude can do it, why can’t I?”

“I guess I just want to take the law into my own hands,” Neel said. “Yeah, that’s real power.”

Mrs. Jennifer Neel, Neel’s mother, is not on board.

“Realistically, Nathan doesn’t have time in his schedule to save lives. He has six hours of homework a night, and between math team, science olympiad, chess club and family game night, there’s no way he can find time to pursue a vigilante persona.”

Neel formulated a strict training regimen that consists of running through the fourth floor hallways with a weighted backpack on. “Ha, Mom. I told you I could find time to train myself to fight the evil powers that are present in the Lane community.”

Nathan’s fellow students are concerned that he might be overlooking a few major flaws in his plan. “Look, I love Nathan. That kid is a genius. But he’s also four feet tall, and weighs 80 pounds,” Hank Smith, Neel’s best friend said. “If he’s being honest, there’s no way he could ever realistically beat someone up.”

Another fellow classmate, Anna Gram, is more optimistic. “He protec. He attacc. But most importantly, he LTAC.”