A message from Lane and Mrs. Anderson regarding bomb threat

By Alina Panek

An email from Principal Anderson at 11:02 p.m. provided some closure to the bomb threat. Anderson reiterated the previous messages sent and provided reassurance that additional measures were made to secure safety.
Counselors are available to help anyone who needs it. Anyone who left belongings during the evacuation can find their belonging in Room 127. All questions will be answered tomorrow by administration and counselors.
Email printed below:


Dear students and parents-
As you have heard, tonight we received a bomb threat directed to the school. Upon learning of the threat, appropriate law enforcement were immediately contacted. The building was also cleared at approximately 5:30p.m. to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Once cleared, the police searched the entire building and indicated an all clear. Please know that law enforcement officials will continue to investigate this threat to apprehend the individual who made the threat.

Given the all clear by law enforcement and support of district officials, school will resume as usual tomorrow morning. In order to ensure your continued safety within and around the school, additional security measures will be taken when you are entering the building, as well as throughout the building. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of wearing your school ID, so that school officials and other security officials know that you are a Lane Tech student.

If you were in the building during the evacuation and were forced to leave your belongings behind (such as in the gym or other open areas), please go to Rm. 127 to retrieve your belongings, which have been stored for safe-keeping.

Only you can decide whether you are comfortable attending school tomorrow. However, please know that the school, district, and police department are working together to ensure every student and staff member is safe at Lane. Administrators and counselors will be available to answer any questions you may have tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Anderson