Anderson grants freshmen off-campus lunch


By Alina Panek

In an email to students with the subject “Happy Second Semester,” Principal Anderson addressed problems and celebrated successes.

Anderson encouraged students to raise Lane’s attendance (95.47 percent) to the district’s goal of 96 percent. Next, she discouraged students from using phones during class without the teacher’s permission and from parking in the staff and visitors parking lot.

She celebrated the news that freshmen can now have off-campus lunch. This was a promise to the freshmen at the beginning of the year that if they upheld 97 percent attendance they would be granted this privilege. Dr. Dignam, Lane’s former principal, gave this privilege to the freshmen last year during second semester.

As a last note, Anderson expressed her excitement for upcoming events for second semester and encouraged seniors to continue attendance to be able to attend I-Days, Prom, and Graduation.