LSC addresses strike concerns during first meeting of the year

By Leda Edwards, Managing Editor

Lane’s Local School Council (LSC) conducted its first meeting of the 2019-20 school year on Sept. 26. Topics discussed included the allocation of Principal Tennison’s second contract to be renewed for another four years, the commendation of student Henry Williams for winning the Young Playwrights Festival, and the induction of new parent representative Laura Symons onto the board.


Principal Report

As week four of school concluded, Tennison discussed how Lane is attempting to align its curriculum to fit AP standards, with the exception of math, which is aligned to the SAT, and science, which is aligned to Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS).


Tennison then addressed Holocaust survivor and speaker Ms. Laughlin, and the importance of what her speech represented. 


“She gave a pretty moving speech to everyone and in and of itself,” Tennison said. “It’s interesting, but a whole point as to why we did it here was the emphasis that we’re all people and love is stronger than hate.” 


Tennison continued to emphasize the theme of kindness, empathy, and respect which he had pushed during the beginning of the year assemblies. “I talked about standing firm in kindness and how saying ‘hello’ to somebody in the hallway is acknowledging who they are and showing interest in who they are.” 


Other information included in Tennison’s report: 

  • Lane’s administration filled 18 positions this year: five social science teachers, three math teachers, one science teacher, three English teachers, one diverse learner, two special education classroom attendants (SECAs), one library assistant, one community relations position and one security guard. 
  • Tennison confirmed that there are 4,530 students at Lane, which is up from last year’s student population of around 4,490. 
  • The Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed in the auditorium on Sept. 24 where Lane was able to display its new theater lights, as well as a new light board.


Friends of Lane

Friends of Lane announced that they are officially launching their annual appeal campaign. Letters asking for donations will go out to families during the fifth week of school. 


Other announcements from Friends of Lane:

  • Thirteen more banners will go up on Western Avenue for those who donate over $2,500. 
  • Families who donate over $2,500 can sponsor sports teams.
  • A proposal was made to the MacArthur Foundation for a $50,000 grant. 
  • Ordered eight Clever Touch SMART boards for the computer science rooms. 
  • With the help of administration,  funds were allocated to various projects around Lane. Since projects are bigger, they are going to combine funds allocated for the school at the end of last year with this year’s money to do huge projects such as the STEAM learning classroom, ThinkLab, a new sound system and Lane security.


New business 

  • LSC voted to allow principal Tennison to spend up to $10,000 without the approval of the rest of the committee. 



  • The annual budget was approved.
  • All 15 fundraisers that were brought to the board were approved.


Strike concerns 

  • There are three plans regarding homecoming if there is a strike; these plans will be communicated to all of the students.
  • Homecoming dance will be moved to Nov. 16.
  • According to Tennison, any activity or sporting events that occur during the strike will be canceled, and there will be no make-ups.