Lane teachers vote to move to weekly advisory in 2022-23


Ruby Thompson

Jonathan Phan works on an art project in Sarah Wain’s class during advisory on June 9. Next year, students will have two advisories per month to go to office hours or do work for a class.

By Alex Burstein, Editor-in-Chief

Lane students will no longer have to worry about checking whether a Wednesday is an advisory bell or not starting next school year.

On June 2, Lane’s CTU members voted 115-20 to approve a new schedule that will give Lane a weekly 40-minute advisory, contrary to the two a month the school had this year.

Of Lane’s 275 CTU members, 135 voted, according to Lane’s CTU voting delegate Michael Morrison.

In addition to the more regular advisory, where students have counseling department-driven presentations and activities, the two added advisories will take a different look.

The proposed switch, originally designed by Lane’s Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC), was first publicly announced at the May Local School Council meeting.

At the May meeting, Teacher Representative and PPLC member Rebecca Daly said that every other week of advisory would be designed as an office-hours type period, where students could possibly meet with teachers and retake tests.

The details, however, are still up in the air, according to Morrison.

“Details are still being worked out, but the new advisories should offer more flexibility on things like tutoring and make-up/retake tests, etc,” Morrison told The Champion via email.

The process of creating the new schedule included the PPLC, the Professional Problems Committee (PPC) and the administration before the staff vote.

“In every CPS school each year, it’s the Professional Problems Committee’s job to help consult with the school’s administration and come up with schedule options that best fit the school,” Morrison said. “This year, the PPC met with the Professional Personnel Leadership Committees and worked together with Lane’s Administration to develop the new schedule and present it to the staff to vote on.” 

Morrison said that many teachers he knows are excited about the new flexibility this schedule may bring.

“The biggest benefit will be the increased flexibility, allowing both more time and new ways for students and teachers to work together during the school day,” Morrison said.