Team Baseball canceled


Players re-assigned to new 8th period classes

By Vanessa Pena

It’s the first week of school. The 8th period bell rings and students scatter into the halls on their way to their classrooms.Members of the baseball team report to the weight room anxious to start preparing for the season.

Instead of finding a baseball coach waiting, Coach Marchan, a track coach, was there covering the class. After several days of this, rumors began to circulate that team baseball would be cut.

“We showed up for team baseball for like the whole week,” said Joshua Aguiar Div. 255. “Towards the end of the week when program changes were no longer allowed, Coach Marchan told us that they were thinking about canceling,” he said.

Rumors were soon confirmed. Team baseball was canceled, which meant players had to find a new 8th period class.

All were given a community civics class. Some helped in the Attendance Office, some in the Counselors Office, and others in the special ed department.

Sean Pfeiffer, Div. 276, is one of many players upset that the Team Baseball class was canceled.

“I don’t like [my new 8th period]. I’m not really doing anything and it takes the place of time that I could use to get ready for the season,” he said.

William Munoz, Div. 276, was annoyed by what he saw as a double standard.

“We were forced to change our schedule without any say, but then when we want to drop a class we are told by the counselors that there are no schedule changes. This is unfair,” said Munoz.

The scheduling issue is a lesser concern for many players than the fact that they will have to work even harder this year for a chance to win.

“Canceling team baseball only takes time away from working on mechanics, which makes it harder to represent Lane. This takes away from having a better chance at winning City,” said Aguiar.

Munoz is also worried about the team’s chemistry this season due to the lack of ‘team bonding’ that would have happened during an 8th period Team Baseball class.

“I feel like we have talent, but our chemistry with the juniors will be affected since we will not be able to get to know them during 8th. We also won’t practice as much as recent years, which makes it harder,” Munoz said.

The team’s former coach, Mr. Telles, had to leave the team last year to allow himself more time with his family.

Another coach, Coach Rivera, also left Lane to take a job at Northside.

Klerizza Geronimo, Div. 250, a baseball manager since her freshman year, said the departure of Coach Telles from the team hit the players hard.

“We were all devastated when he told us last season. He’s been coaching at Lane for about 15 years. Emotions were overflowing when we found out,” she said.

Although Coach Telles is no longer able to serve, he still teaches English at Lane and sees his former players often. Team members still hold great affection for him.

“Coach Telles will always be my [our] coach. Nothing has changed. He will always be a part of our family,” said Aguiar.

Still, not all is doom and gloom for this year’s team.

Marty Schechtel, Div. 278, is one of the few players who found a positive in the cancellation of the class.

“I feel like we still have an equal chance to win the championship, but we’ll just have to put more time in to working out,” he said.

Schechtel also thinks that his new 8th period class, which involves his working with the special education department, has taught him a special lesson Team Baseball would not.

“Before I took this class I was nervous about mentally challenged kids and felt uncomfortable, but I’ve learned how to feel comfortable around them. Helping the special ed kids improves me as a person,” Schechtel said.

Munoz has also benefited from his new 8th period in the Counseling Office since he is able to work on college applications.

Team baseball will most likely not be back as a class until the school hires a coach who works at Lane or can be on campus during 8th period everyday.